How to play FNAF in Totally Science

In Five Nights at Freddy's, players will take on the night shift security guard role at a pizza restaurant. With limited powers, everyone will need to survive the night without being attacked by fearsome characters that move in accessible mode at night, keeping a close eye on their location.

Surviving for five nights depends significantly on getting to know the four enemies and how they move. Learn tips and hints to stay five nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in the game Five Nights at Freddy's.

Always keep the door open.

Doors are an enormous waste of power in the entire game. Sure the player can permanently close the door to scare away enemies, but that defeats the game's purpose. Not to mention doing so will only get you through an hour before you entirely run out of power.

Instead, always leave the door open until you hear a character approaching or see one in the doorway. Then close the door and wait until the enemy is gone. Use lights sparingly Five Nights at Freddy's is entirely dependent on auditory cues. If running around checking cameras and turning on lights when not needed, people will never have enough energy to make it through the night. Instead, when you hear something approaching, quickly turn off the lights to check the doorways. In the right door, the player can sometimes see something approaching in the dark before it reaches the threshold. So gamers can skip using the lights and close the door.

Notice the glowing eyes.

As said earlier, Freddy is hard to see on camera. An indication that he is in a particular room is whether or not the player sees glowing eyes. Sometimes people will think they are looking at a completely blank camera, but in reality, they see a pair of bright eyes. That is Freddy. Remember to watch out when Freddy moves through the cameras, as it will slow his progress. Headphones make the audio signal clearer. Five Nights at Freddy's requires players to use their hearing a lot. It is essential to hear approaching footsteps from the left or right separately. And when they hear running or other sounds, players will quickly get used to knowing who is attacking from which direction. Through the device's built-in speaker, sometimes the player cannot decipher where a character is moving, thus making it harder for the camera to track. And the result is that people have to use more energy. So use headphones whenever playing Five Nights at Freddy's.

Listen before you observe

Again, auditory cues are vital to survival. That's also why headphones make a huge difference, as the tip above mentioned. Players can hear feedback coming from both left and right sides entirely separately. This feature helps people know exactly which side is about to attack so they can stay alert and face it. This makes it much easier to save energy when the player can't guess which door will slam.

Quick observation is key.

Unless the player is tracking Freddy, quick observation is almost always best. This will limit your power usage as much as possible. In most situations, gamers can see where the characters are with a quick and short vision. Spend most of your time listening attentively and carefully. Observing enemies should only take up a fraction of everyone's time. The 80% time listening and 20% time observing rule is recommended by many veteran players.

Don't waste power until an enemy takes the first action

At the beginning of the night, all the animals were placed in camera 1A. Quickly glancing around the environment to see when one of them makes the first move. In other words, when an object disappears, that's when the player needs to start checking other cameras. Just remember to follow up with Foxy in Pirate's Cove periodically. And more importantly, make sure to always focus on listening to attacks instead of being engrossed in